Good News, Everyone!

Good News, Everyone!

In a surprise to probably no one, yesterday afternoon’s post appears to have been a bit of making a mountain out of a molehill (though, having never actually seen a molehill I hesitate to use this phrase. What if they’re, like, humongous big?).

At my weigh-in this morning I clocked in at 179.0 lbs and 18.5% bodyfat. That’s down from 179.8 lbs / 18.9% yesterday.



Clearly they’re happy for me… since they’re definitely not happy about getting fucked out of a season. To the chart!

Date Weight Change Body-fat Change Stage
10/29/12 181.6 N/A 19.10% N/A Prep Day 1
10/30/12 179.8 -1.8 18.90% -0.20% Prep Day 2
10/31/12 179.8 0 18.90% 0.00% Prep Day 3
11/01/12 179 -0.8 18.50% -0.40% Prep Day 4


Quick math (i.e. Google) tells me that 0.4% * 179.8 equals about 0.72. So it looks like about 90% (72/80) of my weight loss from yesterday was fat. The remaining .08 could either be muscle, water, or scale margin for error. All things considered, that’s a huge boost from yesterday. Especially for someone like me who over-analyzes everything.

I’ve got shoulders and tri’s today for a workout. I may take the day off and push that until tomorrow because my legs are still sore. I haven’t decided yet.

That’s all for now.



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